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  • Session One
    Introductions and Setting the Stage for Pleasure
    Explore your fantasies and what turns you on – music, erotica, sensual bath . . . ?

  • Session Two
    Vulva Diversity, Pleasure Anatomy, and Genital Show and Tell
    On your own: Look at your vulva in a mirror and describe what you see.

  • Session Three
    Breath, Touch, Penetration, and Vulva Massage
    Explore what kind of touch feels good, remember to breath, and use those PC muscles

  • Session Four
    Masturbation Techniques and Self-Pleasure
    Explore different ways to masturbate and discover what you like best

  • Session Five
    Final Share, Questions, and Erotic Recess Option
    After you’ve completed the workshop, you’ll be invited to attend Laura’s online Erotic Recess with other Bodysex women and leaders.